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Turn a chroot environment into a bootable image.

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Trivial example:

$ debootstrap --variant=minbase bionic bionic_tree
$ debootstick --config-root-password-none bionic_tree img.dd
$ dd if=img.dd of=/dev/<your_device> bs=10M

Your USB device now embeds a live Ubuntu system and can be booted on any UEFI or BIOS computer.

From docker image to raspberry pi SD:

A more interesting example:

$ docker run -it --name mycontainer --entrypoint /bin/bash eduble/rpi-stretch-mini
> [... customize ...]
> exit
$ mkdir mycontainer_fs; cd mycontainer_fs
$ docker export mycontainer | tar xf - ; docker rm mycontainer
$ cd ..
$ debootstick --config-root-password-none mycontainer_fs rpi.dd
$ dd if=rpi.dd of=/dev/mmcblk0 bs=10M

Your Raspberry Pi now boots your customized OS!

Embedded OS features

The embedded system is:

More information on the wiki

On the wiki at, you will find: